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Imonggo is free to use for small retailers with fewer than 1000 items and less than 1000 sales a month. Starting a business? You don't have to spend large amounts to get a POS. Imonggo is for you.


Imonggo is web-based, so you can access your data anytime, anywhere. It is not platform dependent, so you can use Mac, Windows, or even Linux. You can even go mobile! It's all up to you.


Imonggo is scalable and can support multi-store set-ups with no limit. And since it is cost-effective, you don't have to break the bank to maintain your account. Growing your business has never been more efficient.

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  • Store v3 lets you work more efficiently. Process sales offline.
  • Open Price, Split Payments, Layaways, Reward Points, Round Off Decimals
  • You can automatically email a receipt to any customer after a sale, letting you save on printing costs.
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  • Easily add your products to the Stockroom by uploading a CSV file.
  • Add as many tags to your items for easy search and sorting.
  • See Quantity, Stock History, Cost History, Price History and other information, with one click.
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  • Your sales data is presented in graphic format to help you understand it better.
  • See your store's best selling products at any given period.
  • Gauge the performance of every salesman in your store by seeing how much they are selling.
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Imonggo for iPad

Easy Interface

Just download the app to your iPad and log in using your existing Imonggo account. Imonggo instantly syncs your data, so you can start selling instantly.


Manage and sell products with a single tap - no manuals needed.

Easy Interface

Use the iPad to show your products to customers. The iPad app is your store's interactive catalogue.

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Imonggo Sales Dashboard

Easy Interface

Just install the app to your mobile device and log in using your existing Imonggo account. Sales Dashboard automatically syncs with your online Store so you can view your sales data right away.

Intuitive Interface

Track sales with a single tap. You don't need a manual to get started. You can even analyze your data by comparing sales over time.

Offline Capability

View your daily, weekly, and monthly sales wherever you are. You can access your full inventory while you are on the go.

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Imonggo Hardware Compatibility


Imonggo can readily work without any extra hardware. But for convenience, you may choose to add hardware like receipt printers and barcode scanners.

Receipt Printer

You may use a regular printer or a POS receipt to print your receipts,

Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner is useful to speed up the checkout process. Most barcode scanners that are plug-and-play compatible can be used with IMONGGO.

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Credit Card Processing


Imonggo integrates with for credit card processing. Just apply for an account with the credit card gateway, and you are good to go.

Hardware Support

Imonggo supports most credit card readers that are plug-and-play compatible. No troubleshooting needed.

Easy Set-Up

It is easy to set up your imonggo account with

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Damsel Shop

We downloaded the Imonggo Sales Dashboard and it is awesome! Now I don’t have to log on to my Safari and Imonggo account just to see the sales daily! Thank you so much!

- Damsel Shop (Philippines)

Terrariet Vissenbjerg

“But the best thing is – it’s so easy. Everyone can do it. We have employees from 15 years of age that use Imonggo without any problems.

- Terrariet Vissenbjerg (Denmark)

Southern Sway Boutique

Imonggo was a Godsend when I was first opening my store and needed an affordable option for a POS. And it's easy to use and train new employees on! I am very appreciative of Imonggo's services!

- Southern Sway Boutique (USA)


Great job! This software is the best choice around for a small business like us. Easy to use, with a solid UI, enough info to make good decisions.

- Gygaxgard (Colombia)

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